TagalongDT's Top Ten List

Posted by Ben on 2006-12-31

Everywhere I go I see random top ten lists of whatever for 2006. Well, I'm not about to miss out on a pointless bandwagon in order to try to fit in with everyone else. So without further ado: TagalongDT's Top Ten List of...Stuff for 2006.

10. Ninjas 9. Pirates 8. Ninja Pirates 7. Pirate Ninjas 6. Air Pirate, Ninjas 5. Androgynous Elf, Pirate Ninjas 4. The word pants (just the word, not actual pants) 3. Giant, evil, mutant, space monsters not coming down and destroying my house 2. Giant, evil, mutant, space monsters coming down and giving me free candy and ice cream and a pony (has not actually happened yet)

And the number one thing my TagalongDT's list of Stuff for 2006:

Cybernetic, zombie, robot, wizard, amazon, angelic, space, catgirl, ninja, demonic, school girl, nurse, maid, princess, warrior, elf, air pirates...that give out candy.

Thanks, for reading everyone.