QA Problems, or Problems with QA?

Posted by Ben on 2007-01-20

Sorry about last week, but I didn't really have much of a choice. See, Tria goes to school full time, AND has a job to make the monies. As such she often doesn't doesn't have time to get a comic to me until about a day before we have put it up.

Normally, once I get the comic, I show it our test group, which is basically a group of my personal friends. I call them QA (quality assurance), and more often not they get a slight chuckle and we post the comic. Occasionally, there's a minor problem with the art or dialogue, but nothing that takes more than like half an hour to fix.

Anyway, last week pretty much everyone in the test group told me the same thing, "I don't get it." Mind you, they didn't bother to give an explanation of WHY they didn't get it. This pretty much left me with the choice of putting up a comic no one would understand, or rewriting a script that made more sense. Guess which one I choose.

Anyway, the rewrite seems to pass all the basic tests and is better than ever. If you're interested, you can check out the old comic.