On The Origins of the Species

Posted by Ben on 2007-02-10

So way back when I first met Tria she showed me a silly little fanfic of Lord Of the Rings. It was basically making fun of the concept of Mary Sues. Mind you, I didn't know what a Mary Sue was at the time; so I didn't understand the fanfic. But that was my introduction into the world of Mary Sues.

They're one of the most annoyingly fascinating concepts I've ever come across. In case you didn't know the concept of the Mary Sue is a perfect, idealized, self insertion of the author into a story. The world revolves around them, they do everything perfectly, and everyone loves them. And the worst part, the very worst part is that once I learned what a Mary Sue was, I saw them everywhere. I'd be going about my business, reading a book or watching some anime, and BAM! I'd suddenly realize one of the characters was a Mary Sue. If you're interested, Wikipedia can explain in more detail.

Fortunately my favorite stories weren't effected, but the corruption was still there. So I did what any wannabe webcomic author would do; I made fun of them.

To that end, I present to you Mary and Sue. They are the compilation of a single Mary Sue character. Enjoy.