Hurray for April Fools!

Posted by Elaine on 2007-04-02

So, I thought it would be a genius decision to swap jobs and fool you all with my superior writing skills and Tagalong's superior hidden drawing skills. Needless to say, that genius plan went horribly awry. While I am a writer, I'm not funny, and no where NEAR as funny as Tagalong, so my script was crap. Then, poor Tagalong only had paint to work with! (everyone say "awwwwww"). Not only that, he's never sat down and thought out from script to comic, because that's not his usual job. Then, let's face it, he can't draw. ^_^ In other words the great joke we had for you turned on us and made us feel pretty stupid about what we couldn't do. So you should totally send us emails saying how much you like us at our current positions, because let's face it, so one would want to read the comic if it were this crappy every day.

We will be back to normal schedule next week, with a whole arc! So, never fear, no fillers for a while!