10,000 Hours in MSPaint

Posted by Ben on 2007-04-02

Since I've been alive it's been a standing tradition for comics to switch around with other comics during April Fool's Day.

Unfortunately, we don't have any other comics that are willing to switch out with us. So instead we've decided to switch jobs with ourselves. Thus you have the lovely comic brought to you this week.

And now you all know why I'm the writer and Tria is the artist. Actually, now you know why, specifically, I'm NOT the artist. The sad part is, unlike Tim, I really did try to draw the comic properly. It's just...well...drawing is hard, and drawing with MSPaint is harder, and drawing with MSPaint with a mouse is nearly impossible. I guess the whole thing would work better if I actually KNEW how to draw in the first place. Then again, if I COULD draw I wouldn't have asked Tria to draw the comic for me. On the plus side, I did find out about the copy/paste tool, thus cutting down my estimated time to from 25,000 hours to 10,000 hours.

Anyway, I think from now on I'm sticking to the writing aspect of the comic.