Posted by Elaine on 2007-05-07

Welcome new readers! Thanks for reading the comic, and thanks to the few (two to be exact) who sent fan letters. They made me really happy, so thanks for writing them ^___^ I hope you stay with us for, well, until whenever the comic ends. And now for the real news...

Well, it is that time in May, the time for ACen. As Tagalong said, we'll both be at ACen this weekend. I'll be at an art table, so stop on by and say hello. I'll be dressed as Ty Lee (from Avatar (for you all that don't know Ty Lee, I'll be in pink), and I'll have some dubious company stuff so if you walk by, you'll see it. Also, as Tagalong said, this weekend will be incredibly busy. I have a huge load of homework to do and a lot to prepare for ACen (friend's costumes, I already finished mine), so no comic next week --- but you will get something special! Hope to see some of you at the Con!