Acen Aftermath

Posted by Elaine on 2007-05-19

Well aside from some very silly actions on the part of Acen staff (strangles whoever thought about cutting signing lines), the convention was a blast. Ty Lee went over well, I made lots of monies Saturday and I met Mookie from Dominic Deegan and gave him a pillow I made. He said he'll sleep with it for the rest of his life ^__^

Then there was the part where I met Tom, a fan of the comic. He came by our table and we all took pictures together and, I totally must say, made my day. I don't think I've ever been so happy. He then handed out flyers for Tagalong and me, and he and his friend Amanda commissioned me. Total shout out here! You guys totally made my day, and I hope to see you at the next Acen. ^__^

I came back incredibly tired, didn't get any homework done, and now I miss my boy. Got lots of pictures, and many memories though. I really need to learn to sleep at cons. Also, eat. Hm.

Thank you all again for the fanmail we've been getting, it really makes us happy. Fanart too. Fanart page should be up sometime soon, as soon as the boys get their butts in gear. ^_^

Thanks again you guys, and I hope you stick with us for a long while!


(ed. note: This is 4 days late because I’m a dumbass. -Tim)