I feel Validated

Posted by Ben on 2007-05-20

So Acen went rather well. At least, I thought it went well. I wandered around, met old friends and just hung around doing con stuff. Sadly, I don't have my own camera yet, so I had to borrow a friend's camera. This puts a severe crimp on my picture taking abilities, and also cause I'm often lazy and don't want to take out the camera half the time.

But I did meet Mookie of Dominic Deegan fame. I know quite a lot of you found us from the ad we placed on his site. Well, he's just as cool and nice in person as he appears on his news updates on DD. Yes he's the type of person with news updates rather than rants. And Tria managed to pull in about 70 dollars worth of commissions, so thanks all who ordered drawings from her. Isn't she awesome?

Annoyingly enough there weren't any interesting panels this year. We had all the usual fun stuff, like 'Your Favorite Anime Sucks", and the "Yaoi Panel', but nothing interesting for webcomics, at least none that I managed to make. I ended up going to 'How to Run a Webcomic on No Money,' run by guy who doesn't actually have a webcomic. Also I hit up the 'Japanese Ghost' panel, run by the most monotone and condescending guy ever. Yeah, not a good con for panels, but over all very fun.

Oh and the highlight of the con. Tria and I met our first fan. Not like the first person who read our comic, but the first person we met in person that reads our comic. It was awesome, really nice guy. He even passed out a couple of our flyers for us. Hi Tom...if you're reading this, oh, and Amanda who also talked to us and was hanging around Tom.

Anyway, enough banter, if you were there you know how awesome it was and if you weren't, my talking about it won't help. We're probably back to normal this week, barring work, and school, and rehearsals, and real life.