New Site, Old Look

Posted by Ben on 2007-07-14

Right, so it’s not exactly a new site. Tim’s been working on an administrator interface for Tria and I. Now we can do weekly site maintaince without running to him crying everytime. Yeah, it’s going to be awesome, we can post comics, write rants, kill spiders and even sleep the whole night without wetting the bed.

Though, if any of you visited the site during the past day or so you may have noticed it doing some odd things. Not to worry, that was just me learning to use the interface (hint, there’s a reason I asked Tim to code the site for me).

In other news, we’ve FINALLY got the fanart pages up. So take a look, there’s not a lot there right now, but it’s all pretty good. Kudos to all of you that have sent us stuff and anyone else, feel free to send us more stuff.