Tiny Children (and lots of them)

Posted by Elaine on 2007-08-05

So, I feel I must apologise for the, well, crappiness of the comic this week. And, as always, I’m blaming children. See, I work summer camp from 8:30am (which means I’m up at 7:00) and I get out around 4:35, and get home at 5:00. This means I’m drained and all, but usually I can pull it together and sqeeze a good one out before the end of the week. Well, all that changed when my sister arrived. And she brought my nephew. He’s barely one and a total handful, and I get to join in the taking care of him. This week was the first week with him here. I’m used to it now, and I shall do better in the comic this coming week. Again, apologies. ~Tria