Oh Noes! Real Life

Posted by Ben on 2007-09-23

Tria and I apologize profusely for the quality of art in this week’s comic. As you all know, we planned an International Talk Like a Pirate Day filler for this week, because it’s the only holiday we truly celebrate.

Sadly, Tria got hit by real life, really bad this past week. She won’t go into the details with me, but the fact that I’m giving the excuse should tell you something. I can only assume it had to do with getting ready for school, her boyfriend, and being horribly sick. Plus I think some bees attacked her…bees that rode bears, and shot fire…and gave out poisoned candy.

But, despite everything, Tria still managed to get us a comic for this week. That’s right, sick and coughing up blood, with the weight of the world on her shoulders, Tria drew this week’s comic. Can you blame it if the characters are a little off? Come on people! The poor girl was being mauled by bears and stung by bees and probably poisoned, but she STILL managed to draw this well. On Death’s bed with countless wounds, and only one working arm, she managed to etch out these final drawings for you people. For YOUR stupid entertainment. Even as the bee poison began shutting down her vital systems, she ignored hospital care, just to get the comic to me in time.

Well, she’s dead now. You’re not good enough for her. Here’s YOUR crummy comic. I hope you’re happy, you worthless, disgusting, parasitic leeches!