I'm Back, Also Happy Greed Day

Posted by Ben on 2007-12-24

So I lied a bit, what of it? Honestly though, right after Gluttony Day I got hit by finals and more finals and final projects and all that other fun stuff that happens near the end of the school year.

Then I promptly got hit by buying presents, and hanging out with friends, and catching up with those strange people that suddenly call you after not talking to you for over a year, and all the other stuff that happens at the end of the year (or at random points during the year in the case of that one guy).

Anyway, I am finally back and here to yell and scream about nothing at all.

Now, I know it’s typical of me to start complaining about the evils of rampant consumerism, and all the other grumpy grinchish things I normally do. But I honestly don’t have anything to complain about (at least nothing you all haven’t already heard).

It’s weird, but true, I’m pretty content right now, and there’s nothing for me to bitch on. The sensation is very strange, I can’t quite describe it. But, it’s very bizzare.

Damn, it’s right at the tip of my tongue. You know the feeling? Gods it’s annoying. Stupid off-kilter feeling of not quite contentment. Man this is really bugging me.

Ok this sucks, I hate having this goddamn feeling I can’t describe. For once I don’t have anything to complain about, and now this stupid feeling comes along. That’s great, just great. Thanks for nothing universe, YOU SUCK!