Oops, Also Late Lust Day Rant.

Posted by Ben on 2008-02-19

Sorry, I’m really bad at keeping up with these rants. I suppose it comes from the fundamental lack of anything to say. Most of what I think is interesting ends up in the comics in one form or another.

Except for this comic. I appreciate your concern, but don’t worry I’m fine. I meant to write my standard Lust Day rant, but I got sidetracked by school, and helping out at the opera, and by Final Fantasy XII and Escape Velocity Nova. Alright, I got sidetracked by Final Fantasy XII and Escape Velocity Nova. The opera gives me loads of time between shifts and school is just turning in random poetry and stories I write in my free time.

You’ve all made liars out of me. Happy now?

Anyway, the truth of the comic is my girlfriend and I-Oh yeah, I have a girlfriend, it’s a relatively new developement and we’re still ‘testing the waters.’ Anyway, my girlfriend and I decided we should break up on lust day so I could be filled with my standard anti-consummer rage. Problem is it didn’t work. It’s really hard to be depressed over a break up you preplanned, doubly so if you know you’re getting back together as soon as the clockstrikes 12.

So, I guess the whole point of this rant is that I really suck at updating this thing. But at least I get the comics up on time right?