Message From the New Dark Overlord:

Posted by Ben on 2008-04-27

Grand High All Mighty Master of Everything Tim (that’s what he wants to be called now) is apparently, “Completely sick of our shit,” (his words, I have a tape recorder, you can’t flay me for quoting you! Freedom of Press!) and taken over all adminstrative and creative functions of the comic (though he left me with the 10 dollar a month financial burden, the cheap jerk).

He would to like to let you all know (rather, force me to tell you in this rant) that under his new regime the comic will be better, faster, and stronger than before (He made me put that in. It’s a comic, not the bionic man). It will also be 10000% funnier. You will all laugh at the new comic. You’ll laugh or he’ll use his magical internet powers to track you down, cut off your arm, beat you with it, light you on fire, then continue beating you while you’re on fire (I’ve seen him do it, he’s crazy).

In addition, I’d just like to say how awesome it is to have the burden of leadership off my shoulders, (though seriously, this isn’t going to last. He’s forcing me to say all this stuff. The man (eyeball?) isn’t fit to command, tell jokes, or set-up a comic. He uses comic sans as his font. COMIC SANS! The font is evil, as evil as Tim. We must vanquish him! Much like what they did to the originator of comic sans ( Check it out here! ). Tria and I are already forming an underground resistance to take back our comic. If you’re interested in helping out email our new secret emails at: thisisnotrealdon’ Don’t worry, everything will be back to normal soon. Wait what do you mean he reads these things? No one reads these stupid rants. I should probably stop talking about overthrowing him then huh?) and what a great guy he is in general.