Acen and SCHOOL

Posted by Elaine on 2008-05-01

Sooooo, school has been killing me which is why I couldn’t get a comic done for last week, and Acen is coming up soon which means extra killing. No fear though, you will probably have comics for the rest of spring term, then once I hit summer I should be able to make the art better :P

Soooo, Acen! I will not have an art table this year since Fedex lost most of my copic markers, but I will be around and would love to meet with anyone who wants to talk :P Tagalong will not be here this year, as far as I know, but I’d love to hang out with anyone who wants to and if you tell me ahead of time, I might be able to do a few commishes and bring them to you :) (they’ll have to be inked or colored with color pencils since I have no copics anymore T_T). If you want to meet up, email me at or if you are too shy to email me (though I don’t know why you would) I’ll be cosplaying Sakura from Tsubasa and Ty Lee from Avatar (again). Sakura Friday, Ty Lee saturday. If you wanna meet up and chat, or hang out, or want commishes, just email me or look out for me at the CLAMP photoshoot on Friday at 7, or in the Dealer’s room (I’ll be there a LOT). Hope to see some of you! (If we meet up, I might be able to do an Acen special comic talking about the people I met, like I totally failed to do last year). And I do answer to the name of Tria :) Hope to see some of you! ~Tria