And We're off to Acen...One of Us

Posted by Ben on 2008-05-11

Well, in case you couldn’t figure it out from the comic this week, and from Tria ranting about it last week, and me complaining about it in my previous rant, we’re off to Acen!

Rather, Tria is off to Acen! I’m stuck dealing with finals, applying for summer jobs, applying for appartments (stupid school says I’m too old to get dorm housing) and trying to get to level 70…I mean, er, rehearsals. Anyway, I won’t be joining any of you at Acen this year, but I hope you all have a fun time.

As an aside, we apologize for the art qualilty being slightly below our normal standards. Tria’s trip to Acen meant she had to get all of her work done previous to this weekend, and that means hobbies had to suffer. But we’ll be back to our old standards within a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, feel free to visit Tria while she’s at Acen, say hi, tell her how much you love her art and how Tagalong is the best writer in the world. Sadly, from what she tells me, we couldn’t get an art table this year. So just stop by any girl matching the Tria’s description (cute blonde girl, average length hair) and ask if they know about our comic. If it’s not Tria, well then feel free to tell them about how awesomely spectacular and funny Dubious Company is and how they should be reading it, right now.

Anyway, you all have fun, I’m off to pretend to be productive.


(PS: Happy Mother’s day all you mom’s out there)