Still More Excuses

Posted by Ben on 2008-06-16

So I’m sure you’ve all figured out by now that there’s no comic this week. As usual Tria was shanghaied by various events and couldn’t draw the comic. Now at this point I normally make up some obviously false story, covering for her. But this time I think you all deserve to know the truth, as loyal readers.

Flying skeleton monkey. A whole swarm of them descended upon her school, throwing their excrement everywhere. It was pretty horrific. Fortunately, the campus security and the student militia managed to put down the flying fecal flingers before things really got out of hand, but that still left most of the campus covered in undead monkey poo. So, of course, they called in all the students to help clean up the mess, and of course that meant Tria couldn’t draw the comic.

We’ll be back to normal next week…if not a bit smelly.