Fourth Quarter Yearly Business Plan

Posted by Ben on 2008-08-13

Hello all and welcome to Dubious Company’s Fourth Quarter Yearly Business meeting. I’m glad you could all make it to this mandatory meeting, and I’d like to remind you that all that cell phones, pagers, falling asleep, going to the bathroom, talking to your neighbor, calling the police, eating too loudly, shuffling your feet, dancing in the dark, laughing manically and sneezing in groups of three will not be tolerated.

As you all know Dubious Company is nearing its third year as a webcomic and it’s time we move forward. Our leadership is finally getting over its analysis paralysis and we’re going to make closing the quality gap our highest priority.

As such we’ve found an alternative production method that will empower us to double our production output. We’re breaking down our standard work structure and reforming into separate cluster teams. That’s right, we’ve stopped the blamestorming and have improved our method of self actualization to-I can’t keep it up.

Seriously though, Tria has a bit of time on her hands and I’m getting tired of watching the plot crawl along at a pace reserved for cryogenically frozen clams. So we’re going to try to bring you guys two comics a week for awhile and see how long we can keep it up before Tria and I both go insane.

This means that starting next week we will no longer be updating on Monday (ha ha ha, everyone knows we actually update on Sunday) and will instead update Tuesday and Thursday. So, look forward to twice as much Dubious Company in the up coming weeks, tell your friends, bring a loved one…please keep reading?