Everything is Okay

Posted by Ben on 2008-08-19

No one saw that right? The comic wasn’t 13 hours late on the first day of the new schedule; it certainly wasn’t 13 hours late because I was playing Final Fantasy IV for the DS. Everything is just fine, there’s nothing to see here (except the new comic). It certainly won’t happen again because it didn’t happen the first time. We’re fine, it’s all good.

Ahem Welcome to the new Dubious Company. You’ll notice it looks exactly like the old Dubious Company, except there’s twice as much of it. I hope that’s what you all want. It’s certainly what I want and I can only assume Tria wants this too; seeing as how she hasn’t fire bombed my house for suddenly doubling her workload.

So sit back and get ready to enjoy twice as much comic as before (updated Tuesdays and Thursdays now).