Sac anime Aftermath

Posted by Elaine on 2008-09-01

Well, overall it was the most succesfull con, art wise. I sold the most I’ve ever sold, most of it being my buttons. I got sorta scouted by Pixar (but I doubt anything will come of it) and I won third in an art contest! Which is odd, mostly b/c first and second were definitly pity picks b/c they weren’t very good. My friends’ art was much better, they should have won. Anyway, I got me a chibi plushie link with the prize money. not only THAT, but I met a fan of the comic! I didn’t catch her name, but I do have a picture to remind me that people do read this comic and to get off my butt and draw great for you all. ^_^ Well, off to finish the comic for tomorrow, ahahaha, and work on costumes for Acen! Woot. ~Tria