Moving On

Posted by Ben on 2008-10-09

Hey everyone! It’s Leeroy! You remember Leeroy right? One of the guards from The Temple of Randomness, Sal’s old friend, current Replacement First Mate? That Leeroy? Yeah, that Leeroy!

I’m only mentioning because, quite frankley, I almost forgot. It’s an odd little problem I’ve been having lately. Now that the comic is actually…well long, I find I’m constantly splitting my attention between what has happened (previous comics), what is happening (current comic), what will happen (comic scripts I’ve written, but haven’t been posted yet), and what SHOULD happen (comics I haven’t written yet). All this mucking about in time trying to remember what’s what and when gets kind of confusing sometimes. The problem is, what tends to get dropped from my mind is what IS happening. So I was just as surprised as you guys were when I checked today’s comic. I’d totally forgotten I’d written it.

Anyway, now that you all know and properly hate Mary, we’re shifting back to Walter’s group for awhile. At least I think we are…lemme check what will happen.

Yup, yup, we’re definately going to be focusing on Walter’s group for a little bit. So no worries, keep reading everyone.