Even a few days after, still full

Posted by Elaine on 2008-11-30

I was at my boyfriend’s for thanksgiving, so could not post a rant. But I hope you all had great holidays, and ate loooots of food. I sure did. I hope I ate enough to be able to last out the next two weeks on icky cafeteria food. meh. So yes. Next week is finals, so you’ll be getting fillers, but you’ll be getting two fillers that week (which I will theoretically draw this week…) and at least one will be in color. Huzzah! Also, there’ll be new characters semi-introduced (or taunt you with them: who could they beee? gasp gasp!). So yes. Things I should do: prepare a paper and a presentation this week, read a book for my Harry Potter class, prepare for my 12 page research paper, get started on my history final, draw draw draw like a madman for the comic. What I’ll probably do: re-read Girl Genius (which is an amazing webcomic, go read it) since my boy bought me all the books, play Chrono Trigger (which is hilarious in Japanese), and look at all my homework hoping it’ll just get itself done. Aw, who am I kidding. I’m too much of a goody two-shoes to put off homework. Off to go do that…. T_T