Tis the Season

Posted by Ben on 2008-12-02

So, it’s a few days after Thanksgiving, the weather’s getting colder, and everyone seems to be getting ready to make mad dashes to all the random stores in the area. That’s right folks! It’s beginning to look a lot…like…Finals!

Oh and the Holiday season too, I guess. But Finals is what actually concerns me. Now, I have good news and bad news on that account. The good news: Since I switched to a writing intensive major I don’t actually have final exams per se. The bad news: I instead have about 50 pages of writing due to various classes.

What this means: It means my age old method of ignoring things until the test rolls around isn’t really going to cut it. Yes, it’s odd for me, but I’m actually going to have to put some work in during this finals season.

Annoyingly enough, all my professor decided to make everything due the week before finals, to give us time to study for our other classes. Except I don’t HAVE any other classes, just the writing ones. So their little kindnesses turn into an enormous problem.

But not to worry, I, in my infinate wisdom, foresaw these events and sent Tria the scripts required to shelter through this particularly heavy finals season. Now, we just have to hope Tria doesn’t have too heavy load for finals. That’s a good assumption, right? Right?

Yeah…expect some type of weird filler in the next couple of weeks. But unlike those OTHER comics we’ll make our filler funny, I promise.